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Short story 'Rendezvous' published in Mystery Tribune

November 1st 2022

Lex is presently hard at work on her debut novel, a twisty crime thriller (the title under wraps for now). In the meantime, she is pleased to announce her short story 'Rendezvous' has been published in leading mystery and suspense magazine Mystery Tribune. Read the story online here. Check back in the new year for an update on her debut novel.

'Dallas Fireflies' published by Short Édition (Winter Bel)

December 4th 2020

Lex, who writes literary fiction and poetry as 'Winter Bel', is smiling all over as she announces that her short story 'Dallas Fireflies' has been published by micro-literature startup Short Édition. You can find Lex/Winter's story in one of Short Édition's innovative short story machines near you! Read this announcement on for more details (and pictures!) of the short story, the machines, and Short Édition. Big thanks to my Short Édition editor Lane Proctor for sparking to the story and getting it extra-crisp for publication.

Thanksgiving poem card 2020

December 4th 2020

Various folks around the world should by now have received, or very soon will receive, this year's Thanksgiving poem card, written under Lex's literary pen name 'Winter Bel'. Lex/Winter writes such a poem card every year for Thanksgiving and mails it to those for whom she is grateful this year.

The cards, which Lex/Winter herself designs, illustrates, photographs and, of course, writes, are strictly limited edition — while some of the Thanksgiving poems may appear in future Winter Bel collections, they will never again be printed in exactly this format. (This adds a special stress to tossing them onto the choppy currents of the postal system.)

If you received the card for the first time this year, or are curious what it's all about, check out this background piece on the 2020 Thanksgiving card at

(If you weren't among the recipients this year, and feel like I ought to be grateful for you damnit, write to with your ire. Then be assured that, unfortunately, I am never able to include everyone I'd like, owing to printing deadlines and lost addresses, and will almost certainly make amends next year. Particularly if, ahem, you give me your mailing address in time.)

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