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When not writing screenplays, Lexia Snowe is writing genre fiction, working toward her long-term goals in filmmaking, or writing literary fiction and poetry as Winter Bel. Yes, that seems a whole lot for just one person. Outside of work, Lex is a passionate runner and cyclist, who is also sweatily into street photography, travel, electronic dance music, and U.S. politics and law. A pianist since aged four, she is presently working on her debut album of original compositions. Born in 1980, Lex is a graduate of Oxford University (a proud #Magdalenite) and London Film School.

Lex Snowe hanging with cars in Hollywood.

Snowe on Snowe

  • Favorite movie
  • A complicated question. Let's go with Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven for entertainment and style, and David Lynch's Mulholland Drive for capturing what cinema can do that other forms cannot.
  • Favorite novel
  • This changes quite often, as I read a lot, but right now it's A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. It's an absolute page-turner, even by modern standards, and rich in emotion, both noble and ugly. I'm pleased that my favorite contemporary writer, Donna Tartt, whose The Secret History felt like a long letter from a soul mate, shares my love of Dickens.
  • Favorite screenplay
  • Again, complicated. I spend many a dreamy afternoon in the WGA Library (formally, the WGF Library, but it's in the WGA building), devouring screenplay gems, so this is asking me to pick a favorite child. Brian Helgeland's L.A. Confidential is one I read again and again. Ted Tally's The Silence Of The Lambs is thriller writing at its visceral best, complete with a blind-spot twist. And, yes, both those scripts won Oscars for writing.
  • Pet peeve
  • Folks who dismiss genre writing as inherently inferior. The one-word rebuttal is, of course, "Shakespeare..." (Who wrote strictly within genre.)

Awards and recognition

Feature scripts: Fault Lines (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship 2014, Quarter Finalist); Infirm Terrain (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Nicholl Fellowship 2012 and 2013, Quarter Finalist)

TV scripts: Outbound (Sundance Episodic Storytelling Lab 2015, Second Round)

Short scripts: Midnight Oil (Austin Film Festival Short Screenplay Contest 2017, Second Round); Black and Blue (Screencraft Short Script Contest 2015, Semi Finalist)

Fiction: Footage (2016 Launch Pad Manuscript Competition, Top 50); Two Scorpions (Screencraft Cinematic Short Story Contest 2016, Semi Finalist)


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Other things Lex does that influence her writing
  • Weight lifting: Much of my work centers on physically strong women, and it happens that I am one myself. I've never been satisfied with the depiction of female strength in fiction and film — even the present buzz for "strong female leads" seems fetishistic. I want to see more women whose physical strength feels real: not swaggering or manly or comically defiant of biological reality, but assuredly capable nonetheless.
  • Coding: I taught myself code in my early twenties, and I've never regretted it. The web is the new frontier of publishing and distribution. Fluency in web is fluency in future.
  • Photo walking: I walk entire cities with my camera for days on end, because only through a viewfinder do I begin to understand a place. Through this, I've gained an intricate sense of when an image can articulate something better than words, and vice versa.

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